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Obviously because I need him in order to make Sebastian suffer.
But he’s an awfully interesting boy, don’t you think?

I find it amusing to tease him. He’s kinda cute too.
I guess there’s lots of reasons why I’m ‘obsessed’ with him.

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Anonymous asked: "But didn't you wish for everyone to die? And how do you know it was Sebastian who did it?"

Indeed. However it all led to my brother’s death.
… but I don’t fancy discussing past events.

How do I know? I heard it from Claude.


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(( In regards to this post ))


Oh I dunno, maybe because he burnt down my
childhood village and murdered my brother !?


But honestly I’d prefer to take you for myself
and watch him suffer rather than kill him.


(( Disclaimer: Alois has incorrect facts. He is not to know the truth. ))

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Anonymous asked: "are you going to midwest?"

(( Nope, sorry. We live in Australia, which sadly is on the opposite side of the world. ))

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I don’t have any particular opinions towards Lady Elizabeth.

(( *:・゚✧ A re-enactment of what Alois was probably thinking when he danced with Lizzy, performed by Alois  ✧・゚:* ))

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Challenge accepted. Panic! At The Disco it is.
But why simply sing it, when I  can perform it? ;)