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Sigh. Seriously, I work hard on a good lie …

and you have to come along and ruin it. You need to stop now.

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Anonymous asked: "Why do u have red nails , Alois ?"

They’re painted with the blood of my enemies.  ʘ‿ʘ

But seriously, I change my nail colour every week.

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This situation could’ve been avoided if only I’d closed the goddamn door.

(( I haven’t answered any questions this week, so to fill the gap, here’s a video of my brother walking in on me singing P!ATD to myself in cosplay after I’d filmed for some GIFs. Skip to 0:32 for the moment I notice he’s home. ))

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Anonymous asked: "How are you so awsome btw your so cute"

Thanks, I know. You’re cute too for saying so.


I was pretty much just born awesome.

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carryonmywaywardkarkat asked: "oh trust me ally claude would be so against you reading homestuck its not even funny"

'The Young Highness is staying far, far away from Homestuck.' - Claude

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That depends on what ‘homestuck’ is.

It kind of sounds like something that 
Claude would try to keep away from me.

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Of course I can tap dance! Claude’s better at it than me though.

(( I’m going overseas for a while so I’ll be MIA for around 2+ weeks. I have some video answers planned that I didn’t get to finish, but I’ll definitely work on them when I get back ~ byee ))

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Obviously because I need him in order to make Sebastian suffer.
But he’s an awfully interesting boy, don’t you think?

I find it amusing to tease him. He’s kinda cute too.
I guess there’s lots of reasons why I’m ‘obsessed’ with him.

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Anonymous asked: "But didn't you wish for everyone to die? And how do you know it was Sebastian who did it?"

Indeed. However it all led to my brother’s death.
… but I don’t fancy discussing past events.

How do I know? I heard it from Claude.